Saturday, January 14, 2012

Main Justice � Ohio Police Force Pledges Reform � Print

Main Justice � Ohio Police Force Pledges Reform

So finally...this is the finding of the U.S. Justice Dept after eight years...

"we found that the Warren City Police Dept has violated its citizens civil rights in a pattern and practice manner ..."

the Chief of the present U.S. Civil Right Division ....statements yesterday about the Warren PD

maybe...someone ought to pay a serious price to the victims of such pattern and practice findings....

then they can say "this oversight, this consent decree will end..."

as it is...its of little or no consequence to those of us who fought the powers in Warren and inside the Federal U.S. Courthouses of northeastern Ohio and in Cincinnati, in order to pave the way for this
nice, tiddy high minded statement to be finally presented at a nice professional looking news conference

but at least, they came to the logical conclusion that so few of us were willing to place our own reputations on the line for and our careers
back in 2004, ...a process which began with this lawyer triggering the civil rights lawsuits that even according to this press conference, triggered this U.S. Justice Dept investigation and findings, almost an entire decade later...

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