Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The US justice Department has announced after remaining basically silent on the issue for the past several years, it is going to or has been "ramping up" 1441 litigation investigations on their special litigation sections' current watch.

At first, i was very encouraged by the news, wherein the special litigstion section is stating its undertaking 17 separate such 1441 investigations across america; quickly indicating this is the most any administration has under taken at once.

But then a certain air of reality set in and i began to think,'why is it in america, such big news for our national top lawyers, which is currently stated to be a liberal, if he wishes to be considered as more a democratic than republican do what is only what they ought to b doing and should have been doing from the day they first got their jobs?...its only right, and true, when there is a solid, serious limited narrow focused federal law on point &
is the only law that allows such a huge national problem to be redressed, in this manner, ..then when and why is it in america, so very newsworthy, when the civil rights division gets to do finally, apparently, what it is both designed for and also is legally obligated to do,'in the first instance....

perhaps,'its just the nature of things ...seeing a government try to self regulate its own polce powers, is always a curious thing at any time in human history....after all, govt is there for the policing of others, not itself....usually in the scheme of human history.....

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