Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cleveland Plain Dealer Looks Towards Warren and DOJ Historic Consent Decree There for Guidance on Cleveland's New One

Warren, Ohio and the Lyndal Kimble case, which was litigated by Atty Richard Olivito, became the subject of a recent CPlain Dealer article that focused on the "path forward" from the latest DOJ Civil Rights Division pronouncement that the City of Cleveland had been weighed by the DOJ and found wanting inside its CPD.

Its a sobering thing to get woke up from years of official denial and hubris and self talk.

Warren, knows it.  So does Steubenville, Ohio

It takes a lot to have this stated openly and with honesty and its no mean thing.

the City leaders always search for answers as if a jumbo jet just crashed thru their ceiled ceilings and think walled in mental states of denial, which are heavier and harder to mount that any concrete embodiment.

But it was not a little rewarding for those few of us, who fought this good fight, with serious sustained years of loss, to see that now, what we had sacrificed for, for years,

wasn't being lost completely nor is it vain, when even the largest metro city in Ohio, and certainly in northeastern Ohio...

has now been struck w a serious sobering shot of reality from the DEPT of JUSTICE Civil Rights Division

Welcome and say hello to my little friends
those of you, in Warren/Cleveland and surrounding burbs...

...this story is just beginning

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