Sunday, October 20, 2013

Another News Release stating background of Warren Consent Decree dates back to "cases which brought National attention to Warren and citizen complaints back to 2004"

This is the reference by the Northern District US Attorney who made the announcement about the DOJ civil rights division creating a consent decree for the WPD

dating back to the complaints of civil rights violations "which brought national attention to Warren" triggering the investigation in 2004."

He was speaking about the Lyndal Kimble case and the subsequent other civil rights issues and cases which brought the national spotlight to Warren...

and took me to Washington DC August 2003 to speak directly with the US Justice Dept about the situation and pattern I was alleging then inside of various lawsuits which were then about to be filed and were filed in the following months shortly after this initial confidential meeting in DC with representatives of the US Civil Rights Division who knew me from the work on the Steubenville consent decree in the 90's and spoke about the same to me.

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