Monday, January 16, 2012

Did Cops in Taped Arrest Get Too Rough? - ABC News

Did Cops in Taped Arrest Get Too Rough? - ABC News

the original main event of Warrens PD in 2003, caught on videotape
beating Lyndle Kimble and our GMA interview that helped create the
basis for the U.S. Dept of Justice Special Litigation Unit to come
into Warren and begin its 1441 investigation of whether or not there
was a pattern and practice issue in this city among its PD ...

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Minneapolis Falling said...

the Kimble incident was by far, the "tipping point" for both my involvement into the civil rights issues among the Warren Pd and the City itself

and then, not much later, the basis for my August 03 trip to DC to speak to the Justice Dept officials about what i felt was happening in Warren and whether or not, it necessitated their involvement in the area.

But, the Kimble was NOT the only the case nor incident that helped the US Justice Dept to take a second look at what had happened and was happending in the City...

no doubt, the national medial played a role in getting their attention ....but

it took a considered opinion and "hands on" first person witness to get the message across to these officials in that post 911 Bush DOJ era officials, that the pattern and practice law did apply to what i had personally heard and 'witnessed' and had been able to report them...

[what is of interest to note, now, in the decade late look back, is...i came under almost instant scrutiny at this time, unbeknownst to me, by the Ohio all Republican Supreme Court officials and local Mahoning County Bar Association officals...almost immediately....after i had been viewed on national medial talking with my client Lyndal Kimble and after having spoken with the US Justice Dept

clearly, i was on their radar screen six months later, as i had been invited by CBS 60 II up to New York for an interview their main producer to discuss my work and the efforts at ferreting out such entrenched policing problems in the midwest and across the nation